7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Kök-e Yayıncılık Sayfa 51 (7th Grade English Textbook Answers Kök-e Yayıncılık Page 51)

7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 51 Cevabı Kök-e Yayınları’na ulaşabilmek ve dersinizi kolayca yapabilmek için aşağıdaki yayınımızı mutlaka inceleyiniz.

(7th Grade English Textbook Page 51 In order to find the answer to Kök-e Yayınları and to do your lesson easily, make sure to review our publication below.)

7.Sınıf İngilizce Kök-e Yayınları Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 51

(7th Grade English Kök-e Publications Textbook Answers Page 51)

2. Read the text and match the photos with the paragraphs.

  1. The African lion lives in deserts. You can see them in safari parks too. They always hunt for other animals. They share their big prey with other lions.
  2. E The Nile crocodile lives in Africa. They are enormous. The average size of a crocodile is 4 meters and 500 kilograms. They are very dangerous for other
    animals and humans. They sometimes wait for hours to find prey and attack
  3. A The giraffe is a mammal. They live in Africa. In safari parks, they usually live in very big cages because giraffes usually grow up to 5 meters. They eat only leaves, fruits and flowers of plants.
  4. The black mamba is the longest and fastest snake in Africa. They are poisonous reptiles. When they bite their prey, the prey dies in a very short time. They hunt during the day in jungles. They hunt for small  chickens, rats or bats.
  5. D The African fish-eagle is an enormous bird in Africa. They usually live near lakes and rivers because their main prey is fish. They also eat other water birds.

3. Read again and write which animal it is.

1. They are very big and dangerous for people. The Nile crocodile
2. They eat birds and fish. The African fish-eagle
3. They don’t eat other animals. The giraffe
4. They don’t hunt at night. The black mamba
5. They hunt for other animals in groups. The African lion

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